3 reasons why men should practice yoga – Yoga Teacher Training India

3 reasons why men should practice yoga – Yoga Teacher Training India

It is amazing that so few men are willing to jump onto the mat today.

Although yoga is becoming more and more popular and there are many different articles describing its good effect on our health, it is also amazing that so few men today are willing to jump on the mat. In this article, I will convince you that men should practice yoga.

Yoga has mainly become the practice of women, roughly 95% of those practicing are women. This is surprising because yoga was created by men, and T. Krishnamacharya himself initially refused to become an Indra Devi teacher because she was a woman.

There are many studies carried out in the best scientific centers in the world confirming the impact of regular yoga practice on our body.

There are also many currents (types) of yoga: from very physically demanding to very delicate ones, where there is a lot of meditation and breathing exercises.

why men should practice yoga

Depending on what the main focus is on: whether asanas – yoga positions, pranayama – breathing exercises or meditation.

I am a middle-aged man myself, who has been dealing with yoga for several years. From the perspective of my own experiences, observations and effects that I felt on myself, I wanted to appeal to men: Gentlemen, do not hesitate! Yoga is for you!

“Average” man

Until recently, my knowledge about yoga did not differ significantly from what the average man thinks about it.

I mean: it reminded me of an Indian sitting in a turban with his legs crossed on a wooden board with nails, possibly taking some weird other twisted poses.

Here I must point out that all the time since early school years I was a physically active person who liked sport and all physical activity.

From SKS classes, where I played volleyball and tennis, through karate kyokushinkay, and during my professional life I went to active afternoons at the gym in fitness clubs, cycling, swimming or downhill skiing.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I came across yoga.

First of all: physical fitness

Despite many years of care for physical fitness, recent years of professional work have forced me to devote several hours a day to it.

The work behind the desk took its toll.

Classes with a trainer in a fitness club did not bring the assumed effects. Sometimes a week break caused, for example, upper back pain to return.

Then yoga appeared and after a few classes something amazing happened: my back stopped hurting.

There were also observations: despite the physical activity, I had considerable stiffness in my hips and hamstrings or arms. I had the impression that my whole body was tense and stiff.

Now I can confidently say, based on my own experience, that yoga is a practice for the whole body, strengthens it, makes it more flexible and gives a sense of balance, and in combination with other sports will give better and faster results.

I have found that it also helps in regeneration and convalescence.

It is a great anti-trauma prophylaxis in sport due to strengthening and stretching muscles and tendons, as well as increasing joint mobility.

Thus, athletes and men active in sports, wanting to improve their results: I invite you to the mat!

Gentlemen who are sedentary and spend more and more time in front of the computer and in the car – do not wait until you feel pain in your spine, the mat is also waiting for you.

Yoga reduces pain in the lumbar and sacral region, relaxes the muscles of the lower back, stretches and strengthens them.

why men should practice yoga

men should practice yoga

Second: energy

This is another effect of participating in regular yoga classes.

Swimming in the pool, I noticed that I had a completely different breath.

Lung function increased, and the breathing itself became calm and longer.

This is because the practice of asanas is associated with a specific breath ( ujjayi ) and the so-called energy blockades ( bandhas ).

In addition, yoga:

causes lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol,
leads to the arteries becoming more elastic,
restores deep breath,
strengthens the heart.
improves blood circulation,
removes toxins from the body.
So gentlemen complaining about chest pain or being in a state of pre-infarction – go for yoga!

One more aspect is the fact that despite watching, lifestyle caused me to be slightly overweight.

And here the surprise!

With time of regular practice, I saw that it was starting to decrease. Now I know that my muscle structure has just changed and apart from the shapely sculpted figure, I am less by about 16 kg.

why men should practice yoga

men should practice yoga


Yoga also slims , because better oxygenation of the body makes the whole body better supplied with blood, and this affects better metabolism.

Overweight gentlemen, don’t be shy and look for yoga classes in your area!

Third: mind and balance

There is another area where I observed changes.

It’s a spiritual sphere.

After some time, I also discovered that yoga affects the mind and psyche.

My body awareness increased, I started to pay attention to why I react to certain situations this way.

I also found out that I am better at stressful situations , I am more calm and at the same time confident.

I also experienced that practice improves the mood and relaxes incredibly, helps in the fight against insomnia and chaotic flow of thoughts.

So, gentlemen, if you care about being better bosses, colleagues at work or parents, hop on the mat. It is not surprising that if the people were less stressed, the world would be a much more beautiful place, there would not be so many conflicts or sky-high road situations.

Guy bonus

Finally, something for real macho men.

I will probably surprise many men, but yoga also improves our sexual abilities (I know what I write), we can do it longer and better, and yet many of us have complexes on this point.

Why is this happening?

It’s easy.

The practice of asanas allows you to make your perineum and pelvic floor muscles more flexible and stronger. At the same time, by improving blood flow, we reduce tension in the perineal muscles. This helps with prostate disease.

So gentlemen around the age of 50 (andropause) – yoga is for you too!

To sum up … men should practice yoga

So if you care about physical fitness, good health and better mood, I encourage you to practice.

Really worth!

Don’t all these aspects that I cited convince you to consider yoga as masculine?

why men should practice yoga

men should practice yoga, yoga, yoga

In my opinion, this is nothing more wrong. In conclusion, I wanted to use some comparison.

The practice of asanas (who practices already knows) requires iron discipline of the mind and body to tear us away from everything that stands in the way of a sense of power and heart – worthy of a true warrior.

I assure you, gentlemen, that practice without mercy will show any illusion or excuse, will reach the deepest layers of your abilities – just like a strict trainer, whom you also love, because you know that his severity is due to great faith in you.

And thanks to this you will win.

So no more excuses! Gentlemen, hop on the mat!


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